E-commerce platforms are impacting traditional sales models, with online transaction volume reaching around 20%


Currently, it is high season for the fruit market, with a wide range of varieties. China is a major fruit producing and consuming country. With the improvement of the population’s standard of living, the fruit production capacity has continued to increase in recent years. Relevant data predicts that the national fruit production in 2022 will be 299 million tons, an increase of 2% over the previous year, and the fruit planting area and production are expected to increase steadily. In summary, the supply of fruit this year is sufficient, the price of fruit in June has mainly fallen seasonally and the market has been stable but weak during the period of market concentration.

E-commerce platforms are impacting traditional sales models, with online transaction volume reaching around 20%
Traditional circulation channels are based on wholesale and retail trade, of which the fruit wholesale market is an important distribution platform. The current development of community group purchasing and e-commerce of fresh produce has greatly impacted the sales of fruit retail stores. Online direct sales allow fruits to reach consumers faster, save intermediate links and increase benefits for fruit growers, but the loss of quality in the delivery process is still a problem that cannot be ignored. .

In response to the transport problem that hinders the development of rural e-commerce, it has been specified in the national plan that by the end of 2022, the drop-shipping service will be mainly popularized at the administrative village level, which will play a positive role in the development of fruit e-commerce.

In May, the price of fresh fruit rose 19% year-on-year, affecting CPI inflation by around 0.36%. Since June, with large volumes of fruit on the market, citizens are excited to buy, and supply and demand are booming. Assuming sufficient supplies, the year-on-year increase in fresh fruit prices is expected to be reduced in June.

From the era of material scarcity to the era of material excess, consumers have higher requirements for fruits and vegetables and pay more attention to taste and nutrition. With the implementation of RCEP and the China-EU Comprehensive Investment Agreement, the imported fruit market has continued to grow, and the boom of post-90s and post-00s consumers will promote further innovation and improvement of fruit distribution. .

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