Which Banks Gives Instant Pre-Approved Loans?

Some banks prefer to offer loans after receiving the loan applications of consumers and provide financing through the offer method rather than the demand. On the other hand, unlike these procedures, which are carried out with the preliminary application method, some banks can approve the loan application amount directly and realize instant allocation.

Consumers who want to use credit without pre-approval must either be a customer of the bank to which they have applied or apply for a loan through branches. Otherwise, even if the loan application is not a preliminary application, to go to the branch for allocation and income certificate, etc. documents will be required.

Banks Without Preliminary Approval

It was mentioned above that consumers who want to use loans without prior approval can also submit loan applications through the branch. Therefore, it is necessary to know that every bank can give pre-approved loans with the loan application made through the branches.

Below, the banks that have the possibility to apply for loans from the branch and the banks that have the possibility of making loan applications from the internet and without pre-approval credit are mentioned rather than touching each bank separately.

Pre-Approved Credit

It is possible to use credit in the amount requested without pre-approval through digital banking activity. All that is required is to submit a loan application via a website or mobile application. The loan applications submitted will be allocated instantly in case of being a bank customer, and if there is no bank customer, it will be allocated by signing the documents sent by the courier.

Consumers who apply for this product, which can be used for needs up to 30 thousand USD, can use financing with an interest rate of 2.89%.

In the case of 15 thousand USD credit is taken:

  • 1549 USD per month for a 12-month term, a total of 18.592 USD,
  • For 24 months maturity, 930 USD each month, 22.342 USD in total,
  • For a 36-month maturity, 735 USD will be paid each month and a total of 26,491 USD will be required.

Is Every Online Loan Pre-Approved?

Almost every online loan campaign organized is allocated to the bank’s customers without prior approval. Therefore, it is possible to make a request for consumer loan campaigns, where the bank you are a customer allows to apply through the website or mobile application.

Can I Get A Pre-Approved Credit Without Being A Bank Customer?

Yes, it can be taken. It is not necessary to be a customer of the bank in order to use credit without pre-approval. You only need to sign the documents required for the account opening and signing of the loan contract either by going to the nearest branch or by asking to bring it to your address by courier.

Otherwise, there is no possibility to approve the loan and transfer it directly to another bank account.