What does the loan application say?

Handling simply over the Internet, a short contact form does not require too much personal data.

A quick response to the completed contact form is a matter of course. But what is the questionnaire actually about? What do you need to put in it? Of course, you do not have to worry about anything in advance, because the whole event will last a few minutes. Also, your personal data will not be handled in a way that is inadvertently accessed by a third party. On the contrary, they will be very securely encrypted, including social security and bank account numbers.


One screen, just basic contact information

loan application

Today’s non-bank loan is literally handled in a matter of moments. You will give your name, surname, permanent address and you will prove your identity – or a copy of it. This will prove that the request is really authentic. However, you’ll still need to provide your bank account number and wait for a verification payment. These are three very simple points. First name, surname and social security number, as well as two important contact details, without which the application can by no means do – email and mobile number. Citizens of the Czech Republicas as well as persons with permanent residence can borrow, in other words foreigners who work in the Czech Republic for a long time.The contract is short and concise, so there is no reason to worry about complex legal loopholes. Everything will go very smoothly. What else will be necessary?

  • Proof of permanent income. Self-employed will send a tax return, employees will get a statement of account for the last quarter. Pensioners then the pension assessment. You need to prove that you have in installment!
  • Short wait. But really only short, all the essentials will be checked in a few minutes and at the latest within a quarter of an hour you will have the money requested in your account, up to fifteen thousand.
  • Internet Access. This is a matter of course today, even in smaller villages, every apartment or house has the possibility to access the Internet. The online loan will then become a reality in a few moments.

It’s really simple, you don’t have to wait long, you don’t have to go anywhere in person. The loan application is very short and does not take more time than you need to drink a cup of coffee – of course without morning rush, now we are talking about afternoon coffee that you can enjoy. The money will then be credited to the account immediately after it has been verified and the entire application has been approved. Whether you fill out a short form in the evening, in the morning or at midday, you will always get a very quick answer.


You can borrow absolutely anything.

borrow money

And if you have to state the reason for the loan in the application? But where, this is a long overdue matter. On the contrary, a purpose-free loan is a hit of modern times – if it is not a mortgage or a loan of hundreds of thousands, there is no reason to explain for what purpose you need money right now. Surely you have changed your mind and it would be just an unnecessary administrative delay!